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Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Top 10 Travel Tips for Flying with your Pooch

For the Thanksgiving holiday this past week, Franklin and I flew to
Austin, Texas to visit our parents.  For many, travel can be stressful during the holiday season and traveling with a pet can add frustration.  This idea prompted me to write a few tips on traveling with your pet to make the travel experience more enjoyable for both you and your dog!

Top 10 Tips When Flying with your Pooch

1.)    Get to the airport early. Leave enough time in case the airline
has lost your reservation or needs additional information about your

2.)    Make a reservation for your pet. Some airlines only allow a
certain number of pets onboard a flight at one time and you want to
make sure yours is one of them.

3.)    Ask the airline what paperwork, if any, is needed for your pet.  

Some airlines require certain paperwork verifying your pet has
received required vaccinations and immunizations.

4.)    Bring a little water dish and treats. Just like humans, your
pet might get dehydrated and hungry.

5.)    Bring a few potty pads for your pet to use. If you are on a 

long flight or have a long layover your pet may need to use the bathroom.  
You can just lay one down on the restroom floor of a

6.)    Do not sedate your pet. Sedating pets can cause death. 

Only give your pet drugs if prescribed by a veterinarian. Try using
 other methods to calm your pet.

7.)    Be aware of the outside temperature.  This is especially important if you 

are traveling with a large dog that will have to fly as cargo. Pets are sensitive 
to extreme cold and extreme heat which can cause harm. Call ahead of your flight
 to talk with the airline about the temperature for your pet. 

8.)    Attach an identification tag to your pet. This is a precaution in case your 
pet gets away from you and allows someone to identify him/her and know how to reach you.

9.)    Bring a small towel or disposable wipes.  These can be quite handy in case your pet 
gets sick during flight. Your pet might be sensitive to flying or there could be turbulence 
which could upset your dog's stomach. 

10.)   Verify that your pet carrier is approved by the airline.  Not all carriers are airline approved and it is important to ensure yours is approved before arriving at the airport.,, and are good places to start.  Also, some airlines, such as Southwest, offer their own approved sherpas for sale.  

The Ultimate Sherpa Pet Carrier

We hope this list of tips helps the next time traveling with your pet a little easier!

Happy Traveling!


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