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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Products We LOVE! GEORGE San Francisco

As any dog owner is aware, there are a plethora of brands selling "designer" products ranging from Swarovski-encrusted collars to leopard-printed puffer jackets...and these are only for our furry friends.  Now, we love animal-print and sparkle just as much as the next gal, however, when it comes to our boy's style we desire something a little more masculine.  This is exactly what GEORGE delivers!  All of the products in GEORGE's line are a delightful departure from the usual "style" flair currently taking over the dog world.

The GEORGE line carries amazing products ranging from beds, toys, dog bowls, collars, harnesses and coats.  Not only are the products stylish, but they are extremely durable.

Look at this adorable "stick" chew toy, which is GEORGE's logo manifested...

Latex stick chew toy also comes in yellow, blue, pink, and green for $8
Also, among our favorites are the collars, harnesses and leashes!  Check out our Japanese Chin, Jack, sporting his green gingham harness and leash.

So Handsome!

Gingham lead $36 and matching harness $46

We are also eyeing the new red and blue tartan fabrics for Fall.  You can see these and other new products under the "new stuff" button on GEORGE's homepage!

Finally, in gearing up for Fall and those blustery Chicago winters, we are especially loving GEORGE's chic winter coats, which are sure to keep our pup warm.

Red Quilted Nylon Jacket ranging from $60-$100

Khaki Waterproof Sport Coat ranging from $60-$100

So be sure to check out GEORGE SF at a boutique near you or their online store.  We know you and your dog will love their products as much as we do!


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