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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fact or Fiction: Are coats and boots necessary for your dog?

No matter where you find yourself these days, chances are you are experiencing some cold and snowy weather.  You wouldn't dare go outside to brave the elements without your puff-pastry inspired, floor length coat and industrial-strength gloves (at least not if you live in Chicago).

But should you also bundle up your pooch?

I mean who doesn't love "Boo"?!
Many people see clothing for dogs as frivolous and eccentric, and if you are referring to a prom dress or a tuxedo...yes, those would not be a necessary garments.  However, when it comes to coats, sweaters and boots; it's a different story.  In extreme temperatures, there are cases where some dogs require protection from the elements.

If you have an Alaskan Malamute, Siberian Husky or other breed bred to thrive in extreme environments; coats and boots are not necessary.  In fact, these breeds could run the risk of overheating if covered up too much.

With that said, the majority of breeds would benefit from an additional layer of protection.  This extra layer can protect your dog against freezing temperatures and high winds that could drop your dog's body temperature to dangerous levels.

Dogs that require coats and sweaters are:

1. Toy breeds (Pugs, Chihuahuas, etc.)

2. Dogs with short or light hair

3. Senior dogs (typically age 7 and up)

4. Dogs with illnesses that weaken the immune system  (cancer, Cushing's Disease and hypothyroidism)

Lastly, we come to the necessity of boots.  There are many different opinions out there about whether boots should be worn to protect your dog's paws.  Our advice is to use only when necessary and not daily if possible.  Boots should be worn when your dog may come into contact with ice, salt, and related melting agents.  Ice and salt can cut the pads of your dogs paws, causing discomfort and possible infection.

We do Love these chocolate sued booties!

However, boots should not be worn unless truly needed.  Why?  Boots hinder your dog's natural ability to gain traction when walking; which could result in a slip or fall.  More importantly, keeping your dog's feet artificially warm can create an environment for bacteria; resulting in skin infections.

So there you go!  Coats, sweaters and booties are not just for fashion, but can serve a real function.  We hope you find this post helpful when it comes to deciding whether to bundle or not to bundle.

Stay Warm!


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