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Pup of the Month

August 2014

This is Carlos, an 11-month old Shichon.  His favorite activities include snuggling, chasing ice cubes, and playing with his stuffed Chewbaca doll.  He also enjoys biting ponytails and eating toilet paper, which sometimes gets him into trouble.  However, he is skilled at using his powers of charm and cuteness to quickly mitigate the situation.  Carlos is also very social and gets REALLY excited when he has visitors, which may or may not require him to wear his trendy Thunder Vest.  Show some love for Carlos!  

April - July 2014

Bristol is a 5-yr old English Springer Spaniel who not only has a huge heart, but an impressive resume!  Bristol earned his Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and AKC Therapy Dog Certification at nine months of age!  He is a member of Therapy Dogs, Inc. and The Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs, both national organizations that provide guidelines and insurance coverage for visits.  Bristol volunteers with his owner, Susan, at Mayo Clinic, Baptist Medical Center, Community Hospice, and many assisted living centers in Jacksonville, Florida.  He has been featured in several magazines and newspapers, most recently as Mr. February in the 2014 Community Hospice Calendar.  His gentle, loving nature appeals to people of all ages, and his family is so proud of the smiles and good cheer he spreads as a health ambassador.

March 2014

Our Pup-of-the-Month is our beloved, 10-year Japanese Chin, Joey.  He is also known as "Jo Jo" or "Joseph".  We felt it necessary to celebrate our little man this month since he was our very first Pup-of-the-Month and was not able to get the same amount of exposure when our blog was first initiated.  He is the sweetest boy who is not much for physical activity these days, like his son, Jack.  However, he enjoys a good cuddle and NEVER turns down a snack.

February 2014

Say hello to Ianto...pronounced "yan-TOE"! He's an absolutely adorable 1 1/2 yr-old Labrador-Beagle mix who loves to play with other pups at the dog park and ride in the front seat of the car. Ianto is a very special and lucky puppy. His mother was rescued from a kill shelter in South Carolina by a rescue organization in New Jersey. While in New Jersey, Ianto's mother delivered 9 beautiful puppies and thankfully, ALL were placed in loving homes. Ianto was especially lucky because he was adopted by his two amazing Dads, and his sister, Zoey, was adopted by their best friends. In 2013, Ianto traveled 14 hours in the car with his Dads and feline brothers to move from Delaware to Illinois. He is making fast friends in Chicago and even won 3rd place in the Wiggly Tails Halloween Costume Contest!

January 2014

This month's Pup-of-the-Month is our very own, Jack.  He is a 7-yr old Japanese Chin who loves all things cheese!  Yes, he would do just about anything for a nibble of cheese.  He enjoys spending time playing fetch with his Dad, chewing on old lacrosse balls, and rough housing with his best friend, Joey.  When he's not playing, you will find him curled up on the couch with his beloved pillow pet, Mr. Parrot.

December 2013

Say hello to this month's "Pups of the Month"!  Azita and Saavy are 5 month old Saluki puppies.  Not only are they adorable, but they are sisters.  Both love to play with each other and explore their new surroundings.  Like many puppies, they are very curious and practice jumping up and down to see what exciting goodies may be resting on the kitchen counter.  Salukis are intended to have a name of origin.  Azita means "Princess" and and Saavy means "Sun".  Both are definitely living up to their names!  

October and November 2013

This is Walter, or to be formal, Walter Lloyd Wysmier. He is a 10-week old Golden Retriever living in Chicago. His favorite hobbies include watching the fireman at Fire Station 56, playing with door stoppers throughout the house, jumping inside the dishwasher, and playing with his abundant basket of toys. For exercise he enjoys a breezy night walk, or doing circles around the living room ottoman and kitchen island (for those inconvenient bad weather days). Be sure to watch for him around Chicago, he will be carrying an amazing stick...but hopefully you will recognize him as he has gained 6.5 lbs in a week and a half!

September 2013

This is Chloe, aka Chlo-bear, Booboo, or Chlo-monster.  She is a lovable and playful 3 year old Long-haired Chihuahua living in Chicago, IL.  Her favorite place in the city is Lincoln Park because she loves to people watch, play with other dogs, and chase squirrels.  When she isn’t hanging out at the park, she can be found snoozing in her bed, chewing on her favorite chicken flavored bones, or sunbathing on our balcony.  Chloe’s other interests include watching Animal Planet and Pittsburgh football teams!

July & August 2013

Dickie is a 12yr old Standard Long-Haired Dachshund living in Indianapolis, IN.  He is the proud big brother of a recent addition to the family and is gradually adjusting to not being Mommy's top priority.  When Dickie isn't dreaming about dog bones and belly rubs, he is often found cuddling with his new "sister".  He enjoys long naps on the porch and short walks to the mailbox.  His favorite television programming includes Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, and Purdue football and basketball games.  Ladies keep your paws to yourself...this stud is neutered!

June 2013

My name is Walker or my official name is CH Logos Walking in the Light, and I am an Italian Greyhound., no I am not a whippet, I am not even related to the whippet, I am however related to the greyhound... he is a distant cousin.  I am a retired show dog.  I don't mean to brag but I was pretty good in my day.  I have traveled the world and become a champion in 3 countries, United States, Canada and Mexico.  I have been to the world dog show in Mexico City where the top dogs from all over the word come to compete.  I won top Italian Greyhound there where I got to go on to the big group!  I was a little nervous because in my country I am in the toy group but there I am in the sight hound group so I was the smallest dog in my group.  I made friends with this beautiful blonde saluki.  I saw this big trophy and I asked her wow, how do you win one of those, and she told me well you have to win the group.  I told her I was going to do it, that I wanted to win that for my mom.  She laughed at me and said yes well we all want to win that.  I went in there and showed my best and the judge pointed to ME!!! I won the big trophy and the group at the world show, and got to go into the Best in Show ring at the world show... It was a blast!  When I got back to the United States I went to our national specialty where you know what the judge pointed to me again... and my mom cried!! After all the excitement died down I decided it was time to retire and now I am the alpha of my household, and everyone looks to me for guidance.  Nowadays, I help teach the new youngsters how to become a great show dog!

May 2013

This is Boomer, an 18 month old Standard Poodle.  Boomer is energetic, loving and incredibly intelligent.  He loves hiking the trails in his hometown of Austin, TX and going for rides in the car.  He also loves to watch TV, especially when there are other dogs on.  He takes considerable pride in his role as family watchdog and opens the blinds to look outside and keep an eye on the homestead.

April 2013

This is Tony, a 6 yr old lab, doberman and hound mix.  He loves long walks, playing with furry friends at the dog park, and lounging on his plush bed.  His most prized possessions are the bones he receives as leftovers from his parent's steaks...yummy!  He is so loving and aims to please.  He is even a great host, as he as the ability to bring you a beer straight from the fridge...just say, "Tony, beer me!"

March 2013

This is Madison, or "Maddie" as her friends prefer to call her.  She is a 2yr-old Chocolate Lab (baby picture featured here) with piercing blue eyes.  Her favorite past times include play dates with other pups, trips to the beach, and cruising in the advised that the backseat is her domain and she is not always willing to share her seat.  She is an incredibly happy, curious,and sensitive little girl who aims to please and comfort those around her.  She begins her days with jaunts in the park EVERY morning, and like most labs, is always hungry and believes a big breakfast is a good start to the day.

February 2013


This is Banks, our friend's 18 month old Golden Doodle. 

Banks is a super friendly, energetic, sweet boy who loves going on long runs with his mom, playing Frisbee at the park and giving "snuggles".

He is also very smart and knows many words and phrases like "rock and roll (let's go)", "let's go to the park," "hi-five", "dinner time" and  "go wake up Dad".

You can read more about Banks and his running adventures over at The Fit Girl's Kitchen.

January 2013


This is Franklin, our 8 1/2 month old French Bulldog.

You can always find him lounging on the couch or laying in the sun working on his tan.He enjoys meeting new dogs on the street, belly rubs, and attention from anyone who will look his way.

He is also an avid Chicago Cubs fan and discerning foodie when it comes to his organic peanut butter filled Kong and treats containing white truffle oil.

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