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Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Gift Issue Part 2: Gifts for the Dog Lover

Welcome to this week's issue, where we unveil our top 5 list of best gifts for dog lovers.  Last week, we highlighted holiday gifts for your dog and this week we are focusing on the human aspect.


1. A sketch by Rosemary Franti

Rosemary Franti was featured in our "Dog Days of Winter" post a few weeks ago.  She is an amazingly talented illustrator and has experience painting many dog portraits.  Whether it's a live sketch or from your favorite photo; Rosemary is sure to capture the uniqueness of your dog.

Where can I buy?
Price: prices vary depending on size, scope and location

My boys...Jack and Joey Portrait by Rosemary Fanti

2. Pup Pop Art

Artist Laura Sotka can create your own "Warhol-inspired" Giclee print from your favorite photo.  This is a great way to personalize a gift, as well as, give a beautiful piece of art to the ultimate dog lover.

Where can I buy?
Price: $299 - $595

A custom Laura Sotka Design by

3. Hand Painted Dog Cookie Jar

Another great gift idea for the discerning dog lover is this hand painted ceramic cookie jar customized with the breed of your choice.  With over 100 breeds to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect gift.

Where can I buy? or
Price: $150 - $249

Over 100 breeds to choose from!

4.  Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed

This is the ultimate "on-the-go" travel carrier.  Your dog can use this product as a comfortable bed at home or at the office, and when you are ready to travel, just zip on the safety mesh top to travel by car or air.  Be sure to check out the warmer kit technology, removable plush linings to keep your pet cooler during the hot months, and fun travel bowls.  This gift is versatile, fun and stylish!

Where can I buy?
Price: $179.99
Stylish Sleepypod for dogs 15lbs or less

5. ASPCA Mug from West Elm

This year modern home decor store, West Elm, is participating in Gifts that Give Back:  Mug Project.  There are 7 mugs featured, each from a different charity.  For every mug purchased, 50% of the profits will be donated to the designated charity.

Where can I buy?
Price: $10

ASPCA Mug from Gifts that Give Back:  Mug Project

We hope you love this list of "Must-haves" and one of these options will be the perfect holiday gift for yourself or a fellow dog lover!


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