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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pawsitively Scarrrry!!....and FUN!!

With our first issue being so close to Halloween, we decided to dedicate our first post to this fabulous time of year!! 

On Sunday, Oct. 21st, we attended the Tails in the City Annual Halloween Pet of Chicago's most anticipated social events of the year!! least in the canine social world.  This year there was a huge turnout and lots of amazing goodies and creative costumes to enjoy.  In addition, all of this year's ticket proceeds were donated to PAW'S Chicago, the city's largest No Kill humane organization.  BRAVO!

Everyone met at the Tails in the City boutique around 11:00am and then proceeded to parade over to Washington Square Park for a costume contest, fun prizes and food by Downtown Dogs.  Each of the dogs received their own doggie swag bag complete with Apple&Carrot treats by WetNoses, an issue of LIFE + DOG Magazine, canned dog food covers and a $10 gift card to Dragon Ranch Moonshine & BBQ!

Joey getting into his swag bag

We absolutely love this event because it's a great way to meet fellow dog owners, and most importantly, spend time bonding with your dog.  It's also a great way to socialize younger dogs and to help ease their anxiety in loud, high energy circumstances.  We recommend looking into unique events like this in your communicy and taking advantage of these opportunities to have a great time with your dog and to support local humane organizations.

Below we have shared our photos from the event.  We hope you enjoy!!


A & A

Jack, Joey and Franklin had a BLAST getting to socialize and make some new friends.

Honey Boo Boo Child!!

Nun-thing but FUN!!

The Odd Couple