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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Healthy Tips: Pet Grass from your Local Farmer's Market

Spring is in full swing here in Chicago.  Hopefully, it is where you live too!

During the spring and summer months, we love going to local farmer's markets in and around Chicago.  They are full of local delights ranging from organic produce, fresh flowers, and bespoke treats.  Going to the market can also be enjoyable for your canine pal.  Our dogs love the socialization, the excitement of new and interesting scents in the air, as well as, the likely chance they will receive a special treat.

One of our favorite local markets is the Green City Market located in Chicago's historic Lincoln Park neighborhood.  During the summer, we do a great deal of our weekly grocery shopping here and always enjoy experiencing new vendors.  One vendor we always visit is the wheat grass station.  We order a wheat grass shot for ourselves and then purchase some pet grass for our pups.  The pet grass comes in a little tray, approximately 6x6 square inches, and contains grass from root to tip.

Green City Market in Chicago

From our local wheat grass vendor

We love this treat because it serves both a nutritional and entertainment purpose.  Our first impetus for purchasing the pet grass was to deter our French Bulldog, Franklin, from getting into the flower pots.  We had planted herbs and flowers outside on our deck and this seemed to always be an area of interest for Franklin.  Once we introduced him to the pet grass we were able to provide him with a nutritious and entertaining snack, which made both of us happy!

You may still be asking...what is pet grass?  Pet grass is wheat grass, which is free from chemicals and pesticides present in many of our lovely manicured lawns and houseplants.  This particular grass is rich in essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that can promote development of blood and muscle tissue, as well as, healthy digestion.

So next time you are at your local farmer's market, be sure to try out some pet grass.  We know Franklin would agree!

Mmm!!  Franklin Loves his Pet Grass!!


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