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Monday, June 17, 2013

Giving Back: PAWS Run For Their Lives Event

Last Sunday, we participated in the PAWS Chicago Run For Their Lives Event.  We love this event for so many reasons.  For starters, you get to hang out with your pup, meet new friends and fellow animal lovers, experience amazing vendors, and savor a frosty brew...ALL while enjoying a beautiful day along Lake Michigan.

Enjoying the day with our boys!!
This year Run For Their Lives experienced a record turn out, raising more funds towards achieving the ultimate goal of making Chicago a No Kill City for homeless animals.

As a participant you could sign up for the 8K run or the dog-friendly 4K walk.  The walk was a bit more our speed and allowed for plenty of doggie socializing!

A Beautiful Day

Our good friend Stacy with her pup, Chloe

We feel it is important to highlight events, such as PAWS Chicago Run For Their Lives.  With the challenges of today's economy, many pet owners are experiencing financial hardships resulting in a negative impact on our pets.  For many pet owners this means forgoing basic healthcare needs, spay/neuter procedures, and even abandonment.  However, thanks to organizations like PAWS Chicago, there is help and support.  In 2012, PAWS Chicago performed over 18,000 free and low-cost spay/neuter procedures for pets all over Chicago.  They also successfully placed over 5,000 pets in loving homes.  In addition, recent natural disasters have left many beloved pets lost and homeless.  After the Oklahoma tornado disaster on May 20th, 16 volunteers from PAWS Chicago made multiple trips to the Oklahoma City Animal Care & Control Center to rescue a total of 76 pets.  A truly amazing feat.

Rescued from the rubble in Oklahoma

It is important to help these animals in need and to help place them in loving homes.  This is why organizations, such as PAWS Chicago, are so essential to the mission of saving pet lives.

Excited to join a new family!
We urge you to volunteer at your local shelter or become involved in any way possible to help educate your community and save lives!


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