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Monday, February 4, 2013

Products We LOVE! Beer Bones

In honor of Super Bowl Sunday, we thought it would be a great time to highlight one of the products we LOVE!  Beer Bones!

While you enjoy a frosty brew, your pooch can also enjoy one with you…well, maybe not in a mug, but close.

We first noticed this product in one of our local dog boutiques in the Lincoln Park area of Chicago.  When it first caught our eye, we thought how genius is this?!  Beer for your dog?  But how?

Actually, spent brewing grains (a.k.a. Brewers’ grains or Draff) are commonly used as a healthy ingredient in many animal feed products.  Brewer’s grains are just one of the byproducts of the brewing process that can be re-used for nutritional and environmental purposes.  The grains are what remains after the mashing and lautering process...not to get too technical, and are essentially just grains with the sugar removed.  They can be found in not only these tasty dog treats, but breads, cookies and other human goodies.  They are a terrific source of fiber, protein and water-soluble vitamins for not only your pooch but for people as well!

This is exactly what Beer-Bones uses in creating their delectable treats.  Spent grains from the beer making process are combined with peanut butter, flour, and eggs to create these biscuits.  Not only are you getting protein and nutrients from the Brewer's grains, but also from the peanut-butter and eggs.

Mmmm!!  Yum!!

Check out the Beer-Bones website to buy online or at your local dog boutique!

As with any food recommendation, be sure to check with your veterinarian if you suspect your dog has gluten or grain-related allergies.  If so, this is not the treat for them.

We hope you love these treats as much as our pups do!


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