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Monday, January 28, 2013

Let's Get This "Potty" Started! Tips on potty training

As you know, we love bringing our readers the latest and greatest information when it comes to nutrition news, must-have products and beyond.  The subject of training is no different and this is what we have decided to highight in this week's post.

As our "Pup-of-the-Month", Franklin, turns 9 months old; we decided to reflect on his progress in regards to potty training and to give you some tips on successful training.

Let's get this "potty" started!

First of all, when it comes to training patience and consistency are absolutely essential!  We also train our dogs using The Loved Dog Method by Tamar Gellar.  You may recognize Tamar Gellar's name because of her many famous clients...(cough, cough Oprah Winfrey, Ben Affeck), or maybe because of her amazing experience of studying wolves in the wild, while serving as an officer in MOSSAD (Israeli Military Intelligence).  Either way, we are big fans of her teaching methods as they are always based on reward and kindness.  We strongly believe in rewards-based training as opposed to dominance or fear-based training.  Rewards-based training creates a stronger bond between you and your dog by fostering feelings of confidence and security.  Additionally, if your dog does not fear being physically reprimanded for making a mistake, he or she will be better equipped to concentrate and learn the desired behaviors faster.

With Franklin, and the many puppies we have potty trained over the years;  training commenced immediately.  We first developed a routine and took him outside at similar times each day.

Tip:  We recommend taking your dog out to potty every two to two and half hours.  If you are actively playing with your puppy, he or she may need to go out every 30 minutes. 

When it was time to go outside to potty, we enlisted the "bell system".  This is a small bell attached to ribbon or string that you can hang from your doorknob.  Each time you take your pooch outside, ring the bell with their paw, provide a treat and take outside.  Once your dog relieves himself or herself, excitement and reward is a MUST!  Clap, hug, pet your dog and tell him or her "Good Potty!" Provide your treat and repeat.

The "Bell System" works wonders

It is key to be consistent with the order of reward and word usage.  For example, if you use the "bell system", use it every time you go outside to potty.  This will train your dog to recognize the bell sound and associate the sound with going potty outside.  Also, using "Good Potty" each time will help with word recognition of the desired behavior.

Like many of you, we are not able to be at home during the work day with our dogs.  Therefore, when the time came to plan Franklin's potty breaks during the day, we decided to enlist a dog walker.  Puppies bladders are not truly developed until they are 6-9 months old, depending on the breed.  It is essential to make sure your puppy can go out during the day while you are at work.  Not being able to go outside during the day is unsafe and could lead to bladder infections, as well as, derail your training.

Tip:  It is important to manage expectations when it comes to potty training.  Dogs may know they need to go outside, but depending on age, may not be able to control their bladders.  Large breeds are able to have full bladder development at 6-8 months, whereas smaller breeds can take up to 10 months. 

Potty Training Top 5 Keys to Success:

1.  Develop a routine

2.  Be consistent

3.  Praise, Praise, Praise!

4.  Be patient

5.  Don't give up

Tip:  If you do not catch your dog in the act of peeing or pooing.  Do not scold.  This is pointless.  Your puppy will have a memory span of a fly and won't understand

We hope you've found this week's post helpful!  Be sure to check out Tamar's website and must-have training books!


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