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Friday, December 20, 2013

The Gift Issue 2013: Top 5 Gifts for Dog Lovers

We can't forget the dog lovers during this holiday season.  So, if you are looking for some last minute gift ideas...these are a few we love!

1.  Private Photography Session - What better way to capture that hilarious expression or "I'm so innocent and cute" look than with a private photography session of your pup?  A picture lasts a lifetime and so do the memories you have with your dog.

Photo Credit:
Prices can vary from $150 - $600 for private photo sessions.  Check out Happy Dog Sessions from Rialee Photography!

2.  Custom Portrait - Similar to a private photography session, custom artwork, is a great way to celebrate and proudly show off your furry friend.

Photo Credit:  Etsy - AnnaMarieRochelle by Annie Nelson
Artwork ranging from $140-$250

Photo Credit:  Etsy - baybeari designs
Artwork raning from $35 - $90

3.  Coffee Table Book - This kind of gift is always so chic and thoughtful.  Who wouldn't love curling up with a glass of wine and flipping through adorable pages of Man's (and Woman's) Best Friend?!

We recommend:

  • DOGS by Tim Flach
  • Dogs in Vogue by Judith Watt
  • Hollywood Book of Dogs  by Robert Dance
  • The Big New Yorker book of Dogs by Malcolm Gladwell

Photo Credit:
Price:  $50

Photo Credit:  The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bookstore
Price:  $45

4.  PJ Salvage Dog Pajamas - Who couldn't use some cozy pajamas during this time of year, especially ones with adorable pups all over!

Photo Credit:
Price:  $67

5.  K Kane Jewelry Designs - This beautiful 18K gold cuff is a stunning addition to your jewelry repertoire and a great statement piece.  Celebrate how fabulous your bond is with one of these beautiful pieces!

Photo Credit:  Neiman Marcus
Price:  $272

We truly hope you have a wonderful holiday!


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