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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hippity Hoppity Easter's on It's Way!!

With Easter coming up this Sunday we thought it would be fun to share how we are celebrating with our pups!

As usual, the amazing owners of Tails in the City hosted a fun-filled holiday event featuring the Easter Bunny and your chance to get a picture with him and your pup.  Photos were $15 per dog and all proceeds go towards benefiting PAWS Chicago.

Yes, this is happening

We decided to take our boys, Jack, Joey and Franklin, to get their pictures taken and to explore the latest goodies and amazing toys Tails in the City has to offer.  They had an absolute blast mingling with the other dogs (many dressed in their Sunday best) and being fawned over by fellow dog lovers.

Sensory Overload!

Truly, we can't say enough how much we LOVE this dog boutique!  Don't forget to check out Tails in the City for all of your needs, as well as, follow their blog for updates on events benefiting PAWS Chicago and other worthwhile canine causes.

"Chicks Man!"  Check out these adorable "chick" treats!

Happy Easter!


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